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Explore my programmes, services, and how I can help you heal your trauma with one to one, courses, programmes and masterminds.

The Narcissist and the Judgement Part

The Healing Codependency Course

A 12-Lesson Course To Help You Understand What Codependency Is, Discover Why You Became Codependent And Learn How You Can Take Control Back And Live The Life You Were Destined For Through Self Love and Self Worth.

The Narcissistic Trauma Recovery Programme

The #1, Trauma Informed, 12 Step Deep Healing Cognitive & Somatic Therapy & Coaching System Plus An Integrated Safe & Supportive Membership Community Designed To Accelerate Your Healing After Narcissistic Abuse And Help You Transform Your Post-Traumatic Stress Into Post-Traumatic Growth.


Regulate Is A 10-Week Trauma Informed Programme Teaching You How To Understand Your Trauma And How It Affects Your Nervous System So You Can Regulate To Be More Present, Connected And Joyful. Get Ready To Reset, Rewire & Regulate Your Nervous System To Help You Heal After Trauma At Your Own Pace.

1-1 Healing Experience

The Most Intimate, Private And Bespoke Healing Experience, This Is My Most Exclusive Service Designed To Give You Full 1-1 Access To All Of My Expertise, Skills And Knowledge To Help You Find The Power To Heal So You Can Rediscover Your Self Worth And Live Your Best Life, Full of Strength, Joy And Happiness.

High Performance Healing Mastermind

My 12 Month High Performance Healing Mastermind Is A Hybrid Combination Of Business And Healing Created For Female Founders Recognising They Want To Create A Wave Of Change In The World But Know That To Realise Their Ultimate Impact And Reach New Heights With Their Business, Health And Relationships They Need To Look After Themselves And Continue Their Own Personal Healing Journey.


A Brand New, Somatic 2 Year Healing Programme Taking You From Post Traumatic Stress To Post Traumatic Growth After Narcissistic Abuse & Finally Turning Your Pain Into Your Purpose. Now Is Your Time To Rise From The Ashes. Be Part Of The Evolution Revolution.

Can You Cure a Narcissist?
Parenting With A Narcissist and Corona Virus

Trauma Healing Affiliate Programme

Be A Part Of True And Lasting Change And Unlock The Opportunity To Promote Various Courses Led And Developed By Multi Award Winning ICF Accredited Trauma Informed Therapist & Coach Caroline Strawson. Discover How You Can Earn A Commission Or Referral Fee When You Promote One Of The Programmes.

Trauma Informed Self Navigation Mapping™ Card Deck - Heal Your Inner Child

My Trauma Informed Self Navigation Mapping™ Cards Are Designed To Help You Learn How To Navigate Your Inner System So You Can Identify And Heal Inner Your Child Wounds And Continue Your Inner Child Healing Journey. It Maps Your Protector Parts With Your Nervous System To Release Shame. The Cards Can Be Used In Conjunction With Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy.