A 2-Year Healing Journey To Help You Move From Self Abandonment To Self Love After Narcissistic Abuse



A Brand New,

Somatic 2 Year

Healing Programme

Taking You From Post Traumatic Stress To Post Traumatic Growth After Narcissistic Abuse & Finally Turning Your Pain Into Your Purpose. NOW is your time to rise from the ashes. Be part of the Evolution Revolution.

evolution revolution

it's never too late to stop existing and start living.

start living

Join me on an incredible 2-year healing journey

I will guide you through every level of your healing at a nervous system level, equip you with knowledge and skills that will allow you to turn your own pain and struggle of narcissistic abuse into your biggest strength and purpose.

It took me years to finally feel like I was in a place of happiness after experiencing narcissistic abuse. Time alone doesn't heal. You have to include nervous system work and trauma healing.

I've been there, I've done it, and through this 2 year container I'll share my own Evolution with you. That means you'll get all the things I never had, so you can create a life of purpose and meaning and financial independence. And trust me when I tell you, there is something so special about feeling the best I have ever felt especially after losing everything.

I went from narcissistic abuse to now never needing to rely on anyone financially ever again whilst living my true purpose. And you can too.


I know what it's like to feel lost, alone & wondering if this is it…


To be merely surviving and existing after narcissistic abuse. To go through the motions without actually living. To be totally disconnected and abandon yourself, as you are always bottom of the list and everyone else is a priority. You are at rock bottom and moving through the days feeling hyper vigilant and constantly in a state of fight, flight or freeze; on edge as you anticipate a threat at every turn, waiting for the "next bad thing" to happen.

Those days can be so dark, and it feels like there's no hope. I remember feeling exactly like that as I approached 40 years old a decade ago. I felt so alone and filled with deep shame that I had somehow allowed my life to become this dark shadow! I thought the best years of my life were gone. But there is always hope.

Too often narcissistic abuse is massively misunderstood by the general population and many professionals. I know as well as you do how difficult it can be to find a path forward with someone who understands what it's like and has the skills to help. We can often start to feel even worse as the years progress. We feel like no one understands us, and the more we try to explain, the worse it gets.

That is exactly why I've developed my 2-year healing container:

Now is the time for you to stop abandoning yourself and step into your very own Evolution. Your journey to healing the fragmented parts of yourself to finally feel free and live a life I know you deserve, with me right by your side.

It is time to stop waiting and make YOU a priority because life is precious and this is not a dress rehearsal.

Evolution will help you make sense of the past from childhood trauma to narcissistic abuse and will allow you to take your healing into your own hands and start progressing to a happier, healthier future where you leave the narcissist behind and get to live the life you're destined for!

It's time for your Evolution.


what is Evolution?

This 2 Year Container Will Support You To Move From Post-Traumatic Stress To Post-Traumatic Growth After Narcissistic Abuse And Turn Your Pain Into Your Purpose.

It's unlike anything you have ever seen!! It is years of work coming together to help women just like you actually stop just surviving and existing to start thriving and living a life of joy, happiness and connection.

It is an enormous, transformational step in your healing journey after narcissistic abuse. It's choosing to commit to intentional, focused and long-term healing to become your best future SELF.

It is a life-processing programme from any past trauma, moving on from the narcissist and rediscovering yourself so that you can live the life you deserve, feeling confident, educated, strong and empowered and creating a ripple effect with your healing.

we heal together


Get ready to move from self abandonment to self love once and for all!

Financial Empowerment When Divorcing A Narcissist

Together we'll go beyond healing to building skills through a transformational journey, as you heal yourself, heal your children, and heal your family. We will understand narcissistic abuse, heal your trauma, and find your way to turn your pain into your purpose.

It is THE ONLY certified programme of its kind in the WORLD.

be part of the Evolution Revolution.


Evolution contains everything you will need to move from self abandonment to self love to finally feel like you actually matter and are good enough and worthy.


Over the course of 2 years, you will gain access to all my best selling trauma informed programmes, from my healing programmes to my accredited certifications to guide you through from the very basics of trauma healing to the in-depth training that will allow you to potentially turn your pain into your purpose and step into financial independence. This programme is MASSIVE and will direct you to the path of a life you deserve.


here's what you'll have access to:


Healing Codependency Online Course

This 12-lesson course will help you understand what codependency is, discover why you became codependent, and learn how you can take control back and live the life you deserve.

So if you often describe yourself as the caretaker in a relationship, the one who goes out of their way to seek external approval and validation, avoid conflict, ease tension, and make sure everyone is happy, then this course will be perfect for you.
We'll cover:

  • What is codependency and how can it manifest?
  • Recognising codependency
  • Codependent behaviours
  • Healing your Inner Child
  • Understanding the addiction
  • Navigating relationships
  • Setting boundaries
  • Breaking the habit of codependency
  • Mindfulness
  • Phases of recovery
  • Your intentional future SELF
  • PLUS, a Self-Love Trauma Informed Hypnotherapy Meditation Recording - Healing Codependency: Self Hate To Self Love

CPD Accredited Narcissistic Trauma Recovery Programme

The #1 trauma-informed recovery programme focused on deep healing through cognitive (mind) and somatic (body) therapy.

You'll have access to 12 training sessions and a real-time online community, all carefully designed to teach you how you can heal your trauma, reframe your mindset, and bring power and purpose back into your life.

I've developed the content in this programme to enable you to FINALLY…

  • Release the mental and physical trauma in your body that continues to remind you of the past
  • Feel safer, calmer, and more relaxed at a deep, nervous system level
  • Wake up with excitement and joy and release any toxic shame
  • Be around the narcissist in your life with little or no activation in your body
  • Discover your true self and start living a life of joy, love, and connection as the best version of you
  • Attract people into your life that truly deserve your love and attention
  • Be part of a community of people just like you wanting to feel better, be seen and not judged, and not ever feel like you're doing this alone


My 10-week trauma informed programme will teach you how to understand your trauma and how it affects your nervous system so you can regulate to be more present, connected and joyful.

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll learn as you discover how to reset, rewire & regulate your nervous system to help you heal after trauma at your own pace:

  • Understanding trauma, reciprocity, rupture and repair
  • Nervous system states
  • Skillful self-regulation and co-regulation states
  • Building nervous system capacity
  • Attachment styles and corrective attachment experiences
  • Grounding and containment
  • Understanding the vagus nerve
  • Tracking the body, releasing tension and pain
  • Titration and pendulation, parts integration through an IFS (Internal Family Systems) Lens
  • Breathwork and breathing techniques
  • Your best self, self-parenting and social engagement systems

ICF & CPD Accredited Narcissistic Trauma Informed Coaching Certification™

This self-healing certification is designed to further your own healing and allow you to build an authentic, purposeful business helping others to heal from their trauma, as an accredited and certified, Narcissistic Trauma Informed Coach™.

Whether you want a change of career or just want to deepen your healing, THIS is an incredible in depth programme to do just that. It brings together 3 accredited coaching certifications to level up your knowledge in all areas of narcissistic abuse and trauma and gives you a globally recognised skill set that opens up a world of potential for future careers in this space. It is the only trauma informed accredited narcissistic abuse and trauma training in the world.



ICF & CPD Accredited Narcissistic Trauma Informed Coaching Certification™

Worth: £3997 / $4897


The CPD Accredited Narcissistic Abuse Specialist™

(Worth £997 / $1297)

The ICF & CPD Accredited Somatic Trauma Informed Coaching Certification™

that is also a CMI Level 7 Qualification, Masters degree equivalent
(Worth £2997 / $3997

CF & CPD Accredited Trauma Informed Positive Psychology Practitioner™

(Worth £1497 / $1997)