The 10 week Trauma Informed Somatic Healing & Vagus Nerve Toning Programme To Help You Understand Your Trauma So You Can Be More Present, Connected And Joyful



The 10 week Trauma Informed Somatic Healing & Vagus Nerve Toning Programme To Help You Understand Your Trauma So You Can Be More Present, Connected And Joyful

A 10 Week

Somatic Healing

& Vagus Nerve

toning programme

To Reset, Rewire & Regulate Your Nervous System To Help You Heal After Trauma, At Your Own Pace!

reset, rewire, regulate


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when you understand your trauma and how it affects your nervous system you can be more present, connected and joyful.

connected and joyful

Case Analysis Vladimir Putin - Golden Child To Malignant Narcissist??

Regulate is designed to teach you exactly that.

Our nervous system is at the heart of our lived experiences and our body literally tells the story of our life. It is always scanning for cues of safety and danger but this is based on our past experiences and how we have interpreted and perceived them.

Case Analysis Vladimir Putin - Golden Child To Malignant Narcissist??

For example we, as children, perceive behaviour and events, and as we age these perceptions become our 'version of danger' leading us to feel like…

  • My parents divorced... because I am not loveable
  • I was abused... because I am worthless
  • I was neglected... because I am not important
  • I was never praised... because I am not good enough

And even if we know those perceptions aren't true, by the time we're an adult it's often too late as the trauma is already wired into our nervous system.

Regulate supports you to know and feel safe in the present, change is possible, step by step.

change is possible

I'm here to tell you that there is another way, and to give you the tools for life.

another way

Because cognitively, we know no child is unlovable, worthless, not good enough or not important, BUT too often our nervous system remains stuck feeling it to be true which then drives adult behaviour.

So often we are living our lives stuck in a trauma response of FREEZE. We feel numb, depressed, dissociated, but look like we are functioning to the outside world. We don't feel anything in our body because our system has learnt it is UNSAFE to feel.

Or we are stuck in a FIGHT/FLIGHT response. We can suffer with anxiety, feel rage and anger and be on edge all the time without knowing how to discharge the excess sympathetic energy and excess cortisol production effectively, which often leads to medicating ourselves with food or alcohol or shouting at our loved ones in the hope that we will feel better. But ultimately we don't feel better, and then we wonder why physical pain and illness starts to occur.

It all starts with you, because when we learn the why, we can learn the how.

When you understand the why, you can work with your nervous system and learn how to Regulate and reset it. Through somatic healing, vagus nerve toning and releasing tension, this 10 week programme will help you learn how to rewire your nervous system, free from your past experiences, to build a healthier life with balanced emotions and reactions.

12 Signs You Are Dating a Narcissist

stress, trauma and abuse can wreak havoc on your nervous system.

It can cause you to feel anxious and panic.

12 Signs You Are Dating a Narcissist

It can leave you feeling like you can never relax, your mind is always racing. And it can make the world feel like a scary and dangerous place. When that happens your nervous system scans for danger and shifts to a nervous system state designed to minimise pain and keep you safe. When it's under this stress, it can go into shutdown, meaning…

  • You may not want to get out of bed
  • You may want to isolate yourself
  • You may want to not speak to anyone

Because you may have learned that people can equal danger to you…

  • They judge you
  • They criticise you
  • They abuse you
  • They are unkind to you

when you have the nervous system flexibility to be stretched, not stressed you can feel more engaged and present in your life.

present in your life


REGULATE teaches you how to create that, so you can learn to recognise when you are in the main trauma responses of...

  • Fight
  • Flight
  • Freeze

And understand how to shift states using proven tools and techniques, meaning you can remain present in situations rather than going back and reliving past experiences in your body.

be more present


This 10 week programme combines somatic healing and vagus nerve toning to help you face the challenges in your life on a daily basis whatever they may be. You will be calmer and more present. And instead of seeing danger you will see more rationally, enabling you to make the right choices and decisions more often.


Everyone has experienced some kind of trauma, and REGULATE is a programme that will impact yourself, your family and those around you now and forever more!!


  • Do you feel like you're not in control of your life?
  • Are you constantly stressed, anxious and on the edge?
  • Are you wondering if there is something wrong with you?
  • Do you feel like you are just not reaching your potential?
  • Does it feel like you take one step forward and ten steps back?

deep breath

first, take a deep breath, drop your shoulders, unclench your jaw and know you are not alone…

1) There's nothing wrong with you.
2) You can heal trauma.

But first you have to understand that the trauma you've been through has affected your nervous system. In scientific terms, you have a dysregulated nervous system. Essentially that means your nervous system has a 'temporarily out-of-service' sign on it. It's stuck in a nervous system state even though you are safe.

I'm here to show you the steps you can take to tone your vagus nerve and shift your nervous system states' back to feeling more present and social, so you can get further in your self-healing journey and make the changes that will help you live a more connected life.

wondering how you can tell if trauma has affected your nervous system?

nervous system

Do you ever feel any of these things…


You're always low on energy. Anxiety, panic, and even depression makes you feel tired all the time.


Your relationships are usually toxic - you can't set or maintain clear boundaries and feel unfulfilled.


You have anger issues! Losing your cool often is a problem, but not being able to express your anger is also equally a problem.


You have chronic health issues and pain. PMS, terrible headaches, autoimmune conditions and much more that keep you from living life.


You're most often exhausted and burned out.


You're plagued by low self-esteem and poor confidence that affects your life decisions and relationships.


You have difficulty concentrating, your mind is often wandering. You have a million things you're thinking of.


You almost never feel clear-headed or rested - irrespective of how many hours you've slept. Or, you may have difficulty falling asleep.


You feel numb and disconnected to people and events around you, it's like you're there - but really you're not…


You find yourself resistant to change, putting off decisions, and unnecessarily fearful and worried.


what this experience will look like for you…

This programme has 10 Action Labs, drip fed weekly. It is designed to be followed sequentially, so make sure you complete the previous module before moving forward to the next.

When you enrol into the programme, one Action Lab will be drip fed every week for 10 weeks with an instructional video, somatic exercises, and other resources in your own Member's Area.

teach, support and empower

Regulate is designed to teach, support and empower you on your self-healing journey!

introducing the action labs

The Shame Of Narcissistic Abuse

Understanding Trauma, Reciprocity, Rupture And Repair

The first step to healing is understanding. Trauma leaves deep scars, most of them unseen and therefore untreated and unhealed. When you start with understanding how you've been affected by abuse and trauma, you can truly begin your self-healing journey!

Nervous System States, Skilful Self-Regulation And Co-Regulation States, Building Nervous System Capacity

Depending on where you are in your journey, and how deep your trauma goes, you will need different degrees of help and healing. This Action Lab helps you understand the nervous system hierarchy so you can understand where you are and where you want to go.

Attachment Styles And Corrective Attachment Experiences, The Gut-Brain Axis

Attachments are inevitable when you have relationships. But these can help you AND harm you. Abuse and trauma affect you in ways that can create unhealthy attachment styles, holding you back and drawing you into interactions that don't serve you. This Action Lab takes you through the 4 different attachment styles and how that may have affected you and the mechanics of the gut-brain axis and how understanding this link can help you regulate your reactions to life.

Grounding And Containment, Trauma Vortex And Counter Vortex, Under And Over Coupling SIBAM

This Action Lab is particularly beneficial to help you manage your trauma and mental and emotional states. Containing doesn't mean suppressing or ignoring your trauma. You will understand the skills and tools you need to cope in a healthy way and understand why one drop can send you into a spin. The SIBAM (Sensation, Imagery, Behaviour, Affect and Meaning) Framework discussed in this module will further help your healing.

Understanding The Vagus Nerve

The vagus nerve is your body's superpower! A healthy vagus nerve has immense benefits for your physical and mental health. In this module, you will learn how to help it help you. Toning your vagus nerve is life changing.

Tracking The Body, Releasing Tension And Pain

Paying attention to your body and understanding the signs help you stay in tune with what triggers your stress responses. When you can see the signs, you can deal with them. This means you can stay regulated in the front part of your brain, the neocortex, as opposed to the limbic system, the emotional brain.

Titration And Pendulation, Parts Integration Through An IFS (Internal Family System Lens)

Here's when you begin to build resilience and build tolerance. Learn how to deal with overwhelm and how to understand the signs stemming from your traumatic experiences. We all have "parts" within us and in this lesson, you will learn what "parts" of you are holding you back and why they show up. You will gain a big understanding of your own inner system.

Borderline Personality Disorder Versus Complex PTSD

Shifting From Freeze, Breath Work Vs Breathing Techniques

The simple and unconscious act of breathing has a massive impact on your mind and body. It can cause your trauma to become diminished, calm your senses and bring you peace of mind and equally it can be triggering. Learn the difference between breath work to manage symptoms and breathing techniques to shift nervous system states.

Healthy Aggression, Discharging Sympathetic Energy (Internal Family System Lens)

Aggression doesn't deserve the bad rep it has earned. Healthy aggression is needed not only for your survival but also to help you thrive! Discharging sympathetic energy is key to good health and regulation and we often think anger and rage must be suppressed but it is a normal emotion and needs to be released in a healthy way.

Your Best Self, Self-Parenting, Social Engagement System

You're ready to face life with the best version of yourself. Give yourself the care and attention you know you deserve. Be kind to yourself! Remember - healing is not a destination! You are constantly a work-in-progress.


are you looking for the calmer, more regulated version of yourself?

Regulate can help you heal from your trauma - both inside and out!


While the effects of trauma can be seen on the outside through the constant stress, anxiety, and self-guessing that goes on in your life, it can only be healed when you treat it from the inside with both a top down and bottom up approach.


Nervous system regulation needs to come from the body and you can't think your way out of it! This means understanding how the trauma you've been through has affected your autonomic nervous system.

Only then you can begin to take the steps that will help you heal and restore your nervous system into your social engagement system. You will also learn what to do to make this a lifelong daily practice!

Meet Your Host

Caroline in a garden looking over her shoulder
Trauma informed therapist & coach
Caroline smiling at the camera
Caroline skipping
Caroline leaning on a windowsill

it's possible

I know it's possible because I've done it too!

I'm Caroline and I was once where you are.

I was depressed. I suffered from anxiety. I had panic attacks. I self harmed and was suffering with PTSD. There were days when I didn't want to go on. I was in debt. I had hit rock bottom!

So, yes! I know exactly how you feel!

I felt shame, weakness and that I should just cope and get on with it!!!

But you can't think your way out of healing trauma

And now, I'm using my personal experience and training in many cognitive and somatic techniques to help as many as possible!

This trauma informed, poly-vagal informed, IFS-informed programme has all the benefits I can offer you through my qualifications which include:



  • BSc (Hons)
  • Post Grad Cert Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology
  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (Advanced)
  • Brainspotting Phase 4
  • EMDR (attachment focused)
  • Internal Family Systems Level 3
  • Safe & Sound Protocol Practitioner
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist & Master Trainer
  • ICF Accredited Trauma Informed Coach
  • Certified High Performance Coach
  • Polyvagal Informed
  • Breath Work Teacher
  • Accredited Divorce & Breakup Coach
  • Advanced Certifcate Domestic Abuse

I've helped thousands of people understand and start to heal trauma.

start to heal

I've helped them transition from post-traumatic stress to post-traumatic growth. I've helped them tell their stories and re-discover their potential and themselves to live a more fulfilling life of awareness, love and connection.

And now, it's your turn!

your turn...


  • You're tired, burned out, overwhelmed
  • You never feel 100% and have chronic aches and pains
  • You feel like you're missing out on life, but don't know how to change that
  • You're fed-up with all the toxic relationships you find yourself in


  • Find a solution that comes from lasting change?
  • Understand exactly what you need to do and how to do it?
  • Live life as the best, empowered and healed version of yourself?

for you

then, Regulate is for you!

Over the next 10 weeks we will help you understand your nervous system to:

  • Develop resilience and nervous system flexibility
  • Manage your reactions to stress
  • Deal with life in a healthy, balanced manner
  • Stay present and connected



join and be part of Regulate today…





now is your time

the next 10 weeks have the potential to change your life for the better!

Once you know how to Regulate, you can't unlearn it.

Let me be the light in your darkness.

Let me help you move from confusion to clarity, from despair to resilience, from ignoring yourself to regulating your mind, your emotions, your life!

Now is your time to Regulate and be more present, connected and joyful today, and for the future.