Narcissistic abuse isn’t just some bad breakup or somebody being mean to you. This is actual trauma. In this episode I want to explain what exactly trauma is, and I want to educate you on what exactly narcissistic abuse is.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:
The definition of trauma
Why narcissistic abuse is trauma
The 4 trauma responses: fight, flight, freeze and fawn
Why our perception is key in triggering trauma response
The origins of trauma responses
What codependency is
How to start healing the trauma

Although narcissistic abuse is trauma, it doesn’t need to define you. I want to help you find meaning in it, so you can go on and not just heal your trauma, but you can actually thrive after narcissistic abuse.



If you’ve had lots of stressors in your life, so for instance, like I said, maybe you had a really traumatic birth, maybe you were born premature. Maybe your mother was in an abusive relationship. Maybe as a child, there was neglect. Maybe there was abuse, maybe there was a lack of emotion, maybe from one or both of your parents, these are all going to be stressors to you. And these are going to be like these beach balls that are coming into your swimming pool. And you imagine if you’ve got lots of beach balls coming into your swimming pool, at some stage, that capacity is going to start to build tight, it’s going to feel full, and it can feel overwhelming. And this is when it starts to tip into us being in trauma. Because if you were abused as a child, that’s going to be a great big, massive, massive beach ball going into your swimming pool, so that coping capacity, it’s not going to beat that. It’s going to be overwhelming to your system. This is what trauma is. It’s simply overwhelm to your system, which is why we can never judge anybody else on how they are coping, because we don’t know how many beach balls they’ve got in their swimming pool, we don’t know what’s happened to them in their past.

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Narcissistic Abuse & Trauma Recovery For Women