Narcissistic Program Covers

This is what the programme covers:

Releasing Immediate Pain & Abandonment

Learn Attachment Focused EMDR Resources to minimise activation and polyvagal exercises to nurture feelings of more peace, calm and safety so you can regulate yourself

Control Your Environment For Deep Healing & Safety

Create an environment conducive to accelerate your healing and releasing the addiction and the trauma bond to the narcissist once and for all

Timeline Of Potential Dysregulatory Events

Your body tells the story of your lived experiences from childhood where words sometimes can’t speak. Learn what your body story is and how to heal that

Your Personal Autonomic Nervous System Profile Map.

The polyvagal theory is the explanation of why we react the way we do in our nervous system. Profile your own nervous system to gain a deeper understanding of your body and what triggers you to feel danger and threat and what gives you glimmers of safety and connection.

What “Parts” Are Stopping Your Healing?

Using Internal Family Systems, an evidence based parts therapy, get to know your own parts that are stopping you from healing and what SELF worthiness wound is stopping you living as your true SELF. Learn why they are keeping you stuck and and integrate them into your true SELF

Start To Heal The Fragmented Self

Using Flash EMDR to reduce activation and timestamp the memories into the past rather than causing triggers in the present in the hippocampus, the long term memory centre of the limbic system in your brain.

Flash EMDR allows processing without thinking of the traumatic event so you can REMEMBER past events rather than RE LIVE them with activation in the present

Forgiving Yourself & Releasing Toxic Shame

Using positive psychology interventions to forgive yourself and release any anger, shame and guilt you are feeling about your life releasing you from seeking external approval and validation to live as your best SELF.

Brainspotting To Heal Your Wounded Inner Child

Where you look affects how you feel and using biolateral sounds and resource brainspots, the brain can start to heal the wounded inner child. A deeply powerful experience

Releasing Pain Stored In The Body

Using Brainspotting techniques and the integration method, you can work on the pain that may have been caused from excess cortisol from being in a perpetual trauma response of fight, flight or freeze leading to inflammation in the body that causes pain

Upgrade Your Inner Child & Reparent Yourself

Your attachment in childhood and perception of events will have played a huge part in why you ended up with a narcissist or that you have had a narcissistic parent. Your SELF worthiness wound will have come from interpreting events as being BECAUSE of you as opposed to happening TO you. Using Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), you can upgrade your inner child into your world today as the adult self and reparent her giving her that she did not receive or learn as a child. This is a truly deep healing and powerful experience

Your Best True Self

Learning to focus on what you do want rather than what you don’t has a deeply transformative effect on what you manifest into your life. The goal is to live a life as close to your true self feeling joy, love and connection at a deep level because it is your birthright to live a joyful, happy life.

Healing Your SELF Worthiness Wound

Understanding where the negative beliefs of I am not good enough, I am not worthy, I am not loveable and I am not important come from and helping you release that shame and guilt so you can start living in the present

100% Guarantee you will have the information you need to start your journey to heal the trauma of narcissistic abuse

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Narcissistic Abuse & Trauma Recovery For Women