My Story Intro 4

Caroline genuinely has not only walked the walk and been where you are but can talk the talk and her approach is through a trauma informed lens to access the 90% part of the brain where the trauma is stuck and not just engage in the front 10% part of the brain.

She wants to help you not just survive but THRIVE after narcissistic abuse and find meaning in the trauma so you can go on to have post traumatic growth and live a life she knows you deserve to live and release the guilt and shame that can be associated with narcissistic abuse.

She knows what it is like to feel stuck, alone and isolated and not know how to move forward and this is exactly at the heart of this programme. Each Action Lab has been designed to help you not just work on the symptoms but get right to the ROOT CAUSE and free yourself finally from the pain and devastation of narcissistic abuse.

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Narcissistic Abuse & Trauma Recovery For Women