Healing from codependency takes time.

I’m a firm believer that you can’t rush healing – that’s why you will have LIFETIME access to this course in your very own online portal!

Codependency is all about discovering yourself.

Loving yourself. Trusting yourself to such a strong degree that you’ll never second guess yourself again. You’ll never accept less than what you deserve.

We learned to be codependent to feel safe.

No wonder it’s stuck around so long! Of course, your brain is going to struggle with letting go of beliefs that at one point kept us safe and gave us security.

There is a WORLD of tools out there that can help us heal and cope.

Codependents struggle with boundaries because we have never felt as if what we felt was valid and worthy of being taken seriously.

It’s time to break harmful beliefs and create new ones!

Healing requires that we learn an entirely new set of beliefs that are centred upon the idea that at our core WE ARE ENOUGH!

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