Healing Course Lessons

Lesson 01: What is Codependency?

The first step in recognizing and healing your codependency starts with learning more about codependency itself and how it manifests in different areas of our life.

Lesson 02: Are You Codependent?

If the first lesson hits home for you, then just wait for this one. This lesson digs deeper into codependent behaviours and what it truly feels like to be someone in a codependent position.

Lesson 03: Healing Your Inner Child

For most of us, codependence starts in childhood. By going back to our roots, we can identify fundamental patterns that hold us back from healing and maintaining healthy relationships today.

Lesson 04: Understanding the Addiction

Codependency runs deep. It’s important to step back and recognize all the ways in which codependent behaviour rules us.

Lesson 05: Navigating Relationships as a Codependent Person

After you’ve had a chance to fully understand your patterns of codependency, we’ll start to look forward and discuss how you can create healthy relationships of all types moving forward.

Lesson 06: Setting Boundaries as a Codependent Person

One of the most important tools available to us is our ability to set and stick to healthy boundaries in our relationships.

Lesson 07: Finally Breaking the Habit of Codependency

In this lesson, I’ll help you understand how you can break the habit of codependency in your life once and for all!

Lesson 08: Mindfulness & Codependency

Mindfulness plays a key role in our ability to maintain healthy habits and lead a life that fulfils us. This lesson will dig deeper into how you can integrate mindfulness into your codependency healing journey.

Lesson 09: Phases of Recovery

As with any form of therapy and self-discovery, the healing process isn’t linear. We’ll take a step back to remind you of what your healing journey will look like, and how you can successfully navigate all of the unexpected twists and turns that life throws your way.

Lesson 10: Your Intentional Future Self

What’s next? We’ll look at how you can use the tools you learned to heal your codependency to create the life you were always destined to live!

Lesson 11: A Self-Love Trauma Informed Hypnotherapy Meditation Recording

To top it all off, we’ll walk through one final tool you can use in your healing journey: self-love.


Understanding where the negative beliefs of I am not good enough, I am not worthy, I am not loveable and I am not important come from and helping you release that shame and guilt so you can start living in the present

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