Healing Course Intro 5

Now, of course, as a child, I WAS good enough. It was just my father parenting me — to the best of his ability based on what he learned from his childhood. I did not have the cognitive capacity to recognise this as a child, so the negative belief that got wired into my brain was “I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH”. This resulted in somatic memory. Whenever someone would try and make me feel like I was not good enough, my body would physically react to that trauma!

This memory was stored in my body and anything that triggered it would take me back to those painful feelings, and encourage me to practice codependency to create a sense of safety and security for myself. This meant my blueprint became a people-pleasing, high-achieving perfectionist!!!

This then made me a magnet for toxic friendships and relationships and led me to marry a narcissist. Codependents and narcissists always seem to go hand in hand.

Enough of that. ​​Now is the time to reclaim your true self and live the life you were destined to live.

I’m Ready To Reclaim My True Self

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