Healing Course Intro 1

Codependency is a complete lack of self love and worth where one constantly seeks external validation from others
Do you often describe yourself as the caretaker in a relationship?

You know – the one who goes out of their way to seek external approval and validation, avoid conflict, ease tension, and make sure everyone is happy?

That hits home, doesn’t it?

  • I avoid making difficult decisions in my relationship. It’s easier to go with what they want.
  • I’m not sure how to communicate my feelings to them. It’s really frustrating.
  • I’ve started avoiding topics altogether that I know they’ll disagree with still. It feels like I’m walking on eggshells a lot of the time.
  • I listen to the advice they give me, even when it feels off to me.
  • I need reassurance often. If I’m not getting enough affection or undivided attention from them, then something is wrong.
  • I probably apologise too much.
  • I always seem to find myself in relationships where I am trying to fix other people. Even my friendships centre around helping others.
  • I don’t do anything for myself in my relationships. I’m not even sure I have a hobby!
  • I feel like I’ve lost my sense of self in most of my relationships.
  • Even when I recognize my codependent behaviours, I can’t seem to get rid of them.

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