In today’s episode I want to talk about codependency and the narcissist, because a codependent is literally a magnet to a narcissist. We will go over what codependency is, and the mechanism behind the codependent-narcissist mutual attraction.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • What is exactly codependency?
  • The roots of the lack of self-love and self-worth in childhood
  • The similarities and differences between a narcissist and a codependent
  • How we end up in the vicious circle of a narcissist-codependent relationship
  • Why it’s easier to heal codependency than narcissism
  • How to start with healing your codependency


When you put expectations on other people to behave in a certain way for you to feel good enough, you’re literally putting your happiness in someone else’s hands. But you need to take responsibility to go within and heal your wounds first. And when you heal your own codependency, you change everything because you stop looking externally to get your sense of self worth.


Healing Codependency: Self Hate To Self Love Course:—quick-flip-funnel-3/healingcodependency-1/ 



So being that codependent with a narcissist you can change that so you imagine a narcissist 

if we’re talking about sort of magnetism aspect to a narcissist is like a North Pole magnet, so to speak. The codependent is like a south pole magnet, they are going to absolutely attract each other. So what you need to do as the codependent is work on that deep inner wound of I’m not worthy, I’m not good enough. And when we can heal that we can shift our energy, we shift our energy into a West magnet, okay? So when you are this West magnet, you’re not going to attract a North you’re going to repel them so to speak. You’re going to understand, you don’t need the narcissist in some way to try and fill that hole in your soul which they will do at the start with their love bombing, they will say and do and be all the things that they know you are lacking. 

You know, my ex husband got a tattoo with my name on a month into our relationship. So for me at the time not feeling good enough, I thought, well, he was really like me to do that. So of course, that was like for me filling up that deep wound in my soul. But of course now I know this is love bombing and you know, very toxic and a huge red flag.


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