the Narcissist repellent tool kit!


VIDEO 1: Welcome & Intro To Your Narcissistic Healing Video Mini-Series

VIDEO 2: Codependency & Self Abandonment - Why YOU Attract The Narcissist

VIDEO 3: Breaking The Trauma Bond - Your Addiction To The Narcissist

VIDEO 4: Your Narcissist Repellent ToolKit


VIDEO 5: Heal & Thrive After Narcissistic Abuse - Narcissistic Trauma Recovery Programme

See What Some Of My Students Have To Say

Caroline is great and the programme was phenomenal! Caroline is like a surrogate mother. I could feel her comforting and caring spirit. The lessons in the school were all connected and were organized the way it was meant to be. I’ve been working on myself for awhile, but knew there was a missing puzzle piece that was missing...which was having a true, heart-centered connection with my inner child. Caroline’s programme helped me to have this and more. In the future, I still plan to continue my learning with Caroline’s recovery courses.



This is honestly the best thing I have ever taken part in. I never imagined for one second actually how much would be involved in this course, it’s like noting I have ever seen or done before and I had been in the mental health system for a long long time & I certainly won’t be going back there thanks to this programme. I’ve made more progress in this 12 weeks than I had In 10 years before!! The content is totally mind blowing! Caroline is so awesome and really cares for every single one of us with all of her heart. I haven’t just gained my power back but I’ve also gained family!



This programme has helped me to look at parts of myself that I didn’t know existed, and were holding me back in my recovery. After escaping a marriage filled with violence and manipulations, I was left with complex post traumatic stress disorder. I saw a psychologist locally to me but never really found a way to move past the trauma, until I found Caroline and this programme. I worked through the self paced learnings and week to week, my understanding of myself, my experiences and my trauma grew ten fold. I gained so much strength, knowledge and support from this group and my healing is well under way. I would recommend any of Caroline’s courses or groups to anyone seeking support for Narcissistic abuse, domestic violence etc.



Your Teacher: Caroline Strawson

Hello, I’m Caroline Strawson, a multi-award winning ICF Accredited Trauma Informed Therapist & Coach and founder of The Accredited School of Trauma Informed Positive Psychology

I may be all that, but I am, first and foremost, human. Just like you.

In 2010, I experienced a series of life changing traumatic events. My mum, who was my rock, died very suddenly, and my husband walked out on me and our two children and I realised I had been in an abusive marriage .

I was left with over £70,000 ($100,000) worth of debt and, at that time, even lost my family home in 2013. I was homeless with two children. I was at rock bottom, a shell of myself.

Eventually, I was diagnosed with complex PTSD, and realised that I was suffering from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and self harm. All the while thinking “How could an intelligent woman like myself, with a medical background, find herself in this situation!?!”

I felt stupid, alone, isolated, and in a very dark place. No one seemed to understand what I was going through, and the more I seemed to talk about the trauma and abuse I suffered, the more I felt misunderstood.

The truth is, I needed someone who understood my trauma, but that person didn’t exist.

My personal journey with abuse, trauma and healing, paired with my background in neuroscience and professional coaching experience and therapy, inspired me to take this path to educate people like you so that you can understand how your experiences have impacted you and how you can heal.